Postcards from a Distant Land
1 min readAug 16, 2021

this water as ancient as time

in the form of waves

charcoal coloured

touched my feet

it felt like a million kisses were placed on my toes

shiver ran in upward motion

ended at the tip of my hair

and i couldn’t feel anymore

the patterns formed on the sand kept changing with each wave

the things water brought to the shore surprised me

a piece of ragged cloth, fisherman’s cap, a broken kite…

looking at the arabian sea

two young boys stood smoking cigarettes

i walked further north

as the waves drained

they revealed an array of dead shells

it disgusted me for the first time looking at seashells

a tiny crab miserably tried to hide under the wet sand

for a moment i wished it was me

all of a sudden something wanted to escape from my womb

i coughed hard desperately trying to get it out

it refused to leave

with tired eyes i looked beyond

and wrote on the sand

this sea, these waves, and the sky will remain

and i, oh i will cease to exist.